B-29012 29/06/2017 Notice for Industries
B-1429 27/06/2017 Notice to Hotels
B-3038 07/06/2016 Grant of registration certificate-cum-pass book for recycling of Hazardous Wastes-regarding
G - 1143 26/04/2016 Grant of registration certificate-cum-pass Book for recycling of Hazardious Wastes-regarding.
B-2317 28/03/2016 Invitation of Expression of interest and RPF for Inventorisation of E – Waste in 24 Districts of Jharkhand.
B-15 11/12/2015 CTE period revised to 05 years for the project which require environment and forest clearance.
B-12 07/12/2015 Minimum distance of battery of Stone Mines and Crusher revised.
B-4862 30/11/2015 Auto renewal of CTE .
B-10 09/09/2015 Solar PV Power Projects exempted from obtaining CTE/CTO irrespective of investment .
B-1971 15/06/2015 Defined timeline for CTE,CTO and Authorization approval.
B-46 15/06/2015 On the receipt of complaints surprise inspection of industries will be done by the permission of Head office.
G-1358 01/05/2015 Green Categories of industries do not require environment clearance.
B-14 11/12/2015 The same inspector of the Jharkhand State Pollution Control Board will not inspect an industry consecutively.
B-13 09/12/2015 Submission of inspection report of industry including analysis report(s) of Air/Water sample(s),if any within 48 hrs.(two working days)..
B-06 15/06/2015 Validity of CTO and Timeline for inspection of Different Categories of Industries (Red, Orange, Green).
B-592 10/03/2015 From 1st April,2015 online submission of CTE/CTO application made mandatory.
B-1784 19/01/2012 Guideline for Iron Ore Crushers
B-81 16/08/2013 Green Categories of industries with investment on plant & machinery(DG set is not included) up to 50 lacs are exempted from obtaining NOC(CTE)
B-45 15/06/2015 Applications for CTE,CTO and Authorizations are received online and certificates are issued online through OCMMS and generation of online register in OCMMS.
B-01 01/01/2013 Classification of Industries
B-2170 29/06/2015 Auto renewal of CTO.
Ambient Air Quality Status of various cities in Jharkhand (All Readings are in µg/m 3) 22/07/2010 : Ranchi»MG Road(R) SO2 47 NOx 26 RSPM 265 22/07/2010 : Jamshedpur»Sakchi(R) SO2 16 NOx 23 RSPM 109